Fall makes it’s appearance…

August 28, 2011

Lovely fall colors in shades of orange and brown with delicate touches of yellow made this wedding a visual feast!

Dahlias and cone flower pods gave the bridesmaids bouquets their seasonal feel.

The bride requested a lacy champagne colored flower ball to complement her dress…

The groom’s boutonniere.

We created two lovely altar arrangements in the same style as the larger table arrangement you’ll see in a bit.

The reception was held in one of the most interesting venues in Omaha – a ballroom on the tenth story of an old, historically significant building.

Curly willow and oncidium (small yellow orchids) made up ten eyecatching centerpieces, while the rest of the tables went with an arrangement of small bud vases…

…or large vases of roses, dahlias and berries.

We had brought extra flowers with us so we were able to get creative with a couple of drinks tables.


Delightful Daisies…

August 27, 2011

This creative bride was looking to save money and be unique. A combination that is sometimes hard to achieve with weddings.

Hard, but not impossible as this June bride proved!

Simple pom-pom daisies transformed into eye catching centerpieces for the head table.

We did enough to place two groupings on the head table and then three smaller ones to go next to the cake and guest book.

The tables received small vases with single stems of varying colors.

Such a delightful wedding!

White and Black

August 27, 2011

… A classic never goes out of style!

White roses so rich they reminded me of vanilla creme…

Add to that ranunculus and callas. Fresia, lisianthus, white orchids, Asiatic lilies,  and white anemones – you’ll have some idea of how heavenly the bouquets looked when they were finished.

We were in something of a time crunch with this wedding – so I am indebted to a wonderful bride for pictures of the bouquets. I’ll post those at the end – a fabulous way to wrap up!

The boutonnieres – Asiatic lily pods and small white ranunculus blooms.

I had my wonderful helper snap a quick photo of what has to be my favorite arrangement to date. So rich and luxuriant. The guest book table has never looked so good!

We decorated the reception venue for this wedding.

Two beautiful railings waiting to greet the guests…

The bride’s mother requested to two silk flower pieces to bring the wedding colors into the reception venue – a lovely old Omaha mansion primarily decorated with silk arrangements.

As with the bouquets, calla lilies, roses and beautiful white orchids played a key role in the silk arrangements.

Our last stem of orchids added a lovely touch to the cake table.

The lovely bride and her new husband – Congratulations to you both!

A Cheerful May Wedding…

August 27, 2011

Daisies are the flower of summer weddings – so cheerful and bright. They seem to suit the joy and excitement of of a glorious outdoor wedding!

What could be more fun for a little flower girl than having her very own daisy ball?

The single gerbera boutonnieres – so very classy!


Heather and roses…

April 19, 2011

… How much more romantic can you get?

The bride was of Scottish decent, and wanted to incorporate the family plaid into her wedding. She found their plaid in ribbon form,  then drew on the plaid for her floral inspiration. Big, full blown roses, and a profusion of pink heather.

The bride wanted to carry her grandmother’s New Testament down the isle with her, so we incorporated it into her bouquet.

The attendants carried long-stemmed blue gerber daisies with big draping bows.

Out of the remaining roses and heather we created two very striking arrangements for the front of the sanctuary.

Micah & Esther

January 20, 2011

This has to be my favorite wedding to date. Esther had enormously fun flower choices and the colors she picked out were so happy to work with!

Once again I had help in the form of my lovely sisters. Baby watching, bouquet holding and, on the day of the wedding, boutonniere making! If you want to see pictures of the creative process you can visit my blog: http://www.calebandabby.blogspot.com

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything turned out splendedly as you will soon see in these fabulous pictures taken by my sister-in-law. You can see more of her increadible work here: http://www.bloggingbeth.blogspot.com


Esther chose to have her flower girl carry a ‘pomander ball’, or as it ended up getting called a ‘flower ball’. It was too darling!

The calla lilies made fabulous boutonnieres. We only added two berries and a tad bit of ribbon wrapped with gold wire to give it its very elegant look.

Photos by Bethany

Dan & Bethany

July 10, 2010

I adore fall colored weddings…





I had the delight of doing the flowers for Dan (my brother-in-law) and Bethany’s wedding. Although they were getting married in December, Bethany wanted fall-ish colors – no Christmas! She chose such beautiful colors – shades of red, orange and a bit of yellow.  There was a wonderful mix of roses, berries and ranaculus. They went together so well!


Beautiful vases  with floating candles and rose petals were placed on the window sills of the church.






Bethany in her fabulous dress!

The cake was big enough to accommodate the roses very gracefully!

Photos by: Christopher Maxwell Photography



Winter means ice pink and crystals…

July 9, 2010

Surprise weddings are always fun – unless you’ve got to order flowers [smile]!

We made do … a quick prayer and trip to Sam’s and we had all the flowers we needed. There was less variety than if I’d had time to order from our friendly neighborhood flower warehouse, but God provided more than just plain roses and filler – we had ivy and some beautiful white Chrysanthemums as a bonus! We turned out some beautiful, over-the-arm bouquets – a large one for the bride, and smaller, simpler ones for her bridesmaids.

The alter arrangement was – in a word – sparkly! A mixture fresh and silk flowers made a romantic backdrop for the candles and crystals arranged on the sheer alter covering. Perfect for the dimly lit ceremony.


Photos by Bethany


Everybody loves Gerberas!

July 9, 2010

When a bride says she wants to use Gerbera daisies, I say ‘Yea!’ But when she says she wants gerberas to be her main flower there is great rejoicing!  We had buckets of beautiful daisies all over!

Gorgeous yellow, pink and sunset roses, mixed with Bells of Ireland, and green filler from some happy bushes in my backyard.

The kitchen we were working in was great for flowers. Large

sinks, great expanses of metal countertop and two very big refrigerator units that were all mine!

The bridesmaids bouquets were very darling. Whenever I gather a bunch of daisies from a field, garden bed or florist bucket, it gives me a thrill and I envision, for a moment, being able to carry them down a long aisle! Reality usually sets in quickly when people tell me to stop humming the wedding march [smile]!

Putting flowers on the cake is my favorite part!

Photos By Bethany

Everybody says “Don’t do your own flowers!”

July 9, 2010

… but I didn’t listen [smile]!

I created the aisle baskets with a fun collection of herbs from home, roses and eucalyptus berries. My bouquet was created by ‘Country Florists’, and the darling wreaths for the ‘leaf’ girls’ hair were created by my mother! Now we know where some of  those artistic genes come from!

A perfect fairy-tale wedding…

Photos by Bethany – http://www.bloggingbeth.blogspot.com